It’s an Emotional Time, and You Need Friends Around You…

The death of a loved one brings so many changes and emotions. From a spouse dealing with their significant other’s death to a child losing a cherished parent, it can feel like you’re in a long, dark corridor with the door leading to the exit so far away that you will never reach it. When dealing with the pain, stress, and unimaginable emotions that come with death, your friends and loved ones are the ones who will get you through that door. We have all been there, and the capacity for love and empathy is what connects each of us, whether we know it or not.

Unfortunately, the World Might Not Allow You the Time to Grieve…

How do you deal with the physical and legal aspect of when a loved one passes? From the need to plan funeral services to dealing with the courts through the probate process involving creditors, litigation, and even a possible estate sale, it can seem like the time to grieve becomes secondary. And as the requirements of an ever continuing world close in, the stress can become overwhelming, causing even more anguish. For those times you need someone who can help shoulder the responsibilities so you can have time to heal.

Trusted Advisors Help Give You the Time You Need…

Along with your Attorney and CPA, your Certified Probate Real Estate Consultant can act as a trusted advisor to help ensure that the daily tasks get done during your transition. From gardeners, handymen, and even attorneys if you don’t have one on retainer to movers and auctioneers if you decide to sell your house and its assets, your Realtor is a source of contacts that can deal with everyday issues while you take the time you deserve to grieve.

We Understand, and We are Here to Help Shoulder the Load…

And because we are Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists, not only do we act as a source of information, we understand the discretion and special needs that you expect during this time. We know this is a difficult time for you; but because of our knowledge of the probate process and the unique nature of our company, you are not just our client but our family. Through compassion we understand, and understanding lead to healing, because (to us, your peace of mind is what matters) in the end our family’s health is all that matters.


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