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If you are a homeowner facing difficult choices about your home, your family, and your life, Norka Parodi Real Estate is here to help you. Thousands of homeowners in South Florida are facing the same challenge and quite often these homeowners facing foreclosure feel shame from a situation caused by circumstances beyond their control. Norka Parodi Real Estate provides you with the information on how to avoid foreclosure. We can assist you with other options that may be available to you.

Our Short Sale Services Include:

  • Specialized Agents that are Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE) to assist you and guide you through to make the best decision for you.
  • State-of-the-Art Web Site: Easy to navigate and packed with relevant information to make an educated decision.

Benefits of using our Experienced Short Sale Team:

  • No additional charge for short sale guidance
  • You will be informed throughout the entire process
  • Your credit will be affected less than with a foreclosure or bankruptcy
  • Liens and judgments against the property can typically be removed through the process
  • You can delegate someone to deal directly with your lender

Foreclosure on a home has consequences for the family, the community, the housing market, and the economy. However, the option for a short sale provides a way for the troubled homeowner to avoid foreclosure and many of the serious penalties involved.

A short sale begins with a real estate contract to sell your property. It is then up to your lender to approve the sale of your property at a price less than the balance on your mortgage. So why would a lender accept this short sale process? Well a short sale allows the lender to avoid the costs of foreclosure and protracted litigation. In most instances, a short sale will stabilize home values over a foreclosure in the community where your home is located. For the home owner a short sale will result in a lesser adverse credit reporting outcome.


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